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We’ve been cultivating & educating real connoisseurs since ‘06. We tell the stories behind each shoe, and we were there to witness the process. The Only Store That Really Matters! DC or anywhere else. (at MAJOR)

Now at MAJOR, we are proud to present one of the most sought after vinyl toy collaborations of the year.. Staple Design & Medicom Toys got together to create this 100% and 400% Bearbrick (each sold separately).  Both models come with its own custom Staple Design box, featuring Staple shipping tapes.  100% if limited to 400 pieces worldwide, and 400% is limited to 300 pieces worldwide.  100% is approximately 3 inches tall, while 400% is approximately 10 inches tall. Definitely a must for both Staple fans & Be@rbrick fans everywhere!


Below (L to R): Back View, 400% package & 100% package

4297213639_a9c1b666ba_o 4297214147_16b3445822_o 4297958270_5a0ca006b9_o

Available Now at Georgetown Showroom or MAJOR Online Shopping Channel.

Saturday, March 28th is the day for another exclusive quickstrike from Jordan Brand, Jordan 6 Rings in White/French Blue for Men and Grade School Sizes.

Sizes from 4Y to 7Y in Kids & 8 to 13 in Men’s.  Get ’em at MAJOR!

(Above) DTA Today (Blue). (Below) Don’t Trust ATC (Black & Carolina Blue)

(Below)  DTA Adults (White/Candy)

Yet another slick AF1 for 2009. Girls always get the good colors right? Releasing Saturday January 16th.

We keep bringing you the hottest Reebok Pump Retros, and you won’t see what we have in too many places.

Mint leather with Violet and Black accents… Here now!

As everyone knows by now, David Banner is not just a rapper, but a multi-faceted entertainer, whose reach goes beyond the records to producing, and acting.  Banner has been a supporter of MAJOR fam, since before MAJOR was even a thought, back in Crooked Lettaz days.

David Banner Tour Bus

After the successful performance Monday evening at the 9:30 Club, Banner and his entire crew, along with Corey Smyth (Blacksmith Management – Talib Kweli, Dave Chappelle, etc.) and Cognito (FroLab) came to MAJOR to chill and get their shopping on.  Of course, the Official Trinity Skully was the favorite, as the chilly weather is upon us now.

You’ve asked for laces, and we got them for you.  The best premium laces in the business… Starks Laces!  We have all the designs in 45″ length & 54″ length.

Starks Laces

(L to R) Houndstooth Black, Tribe Cement, Rain Camo, Houndstooth Red

Houndstooth Tribe Rain Camo Houndstooth Red

(L to R) Cement, Tiger Stripe, Green Pal, Purple Pal
Grey Cement Tiger Stripe Green Pal Purple Pal

Available Now @ MAJOR!

adidas Originals presents an instant classic retro model that’s perfect for your grown & sexy steez.  adiTennis Hi is a heritage classic model, with a window pane design that really keeps things simple.

AdiTennis Hi

AdiTennis Hi AdiTennis Hi AdiTennis Hi AdiTennis Hi

You know MAJOR always keeps things fresh… Better than anybody else…

San Francisco-based designer Benny Gold has made a quite a name for himself, with notable creative portfolio that includes designs for HUF, Mash SF, Burton, DVS, and New Era to name a few.  MAJOR has carried Benny Gold line since its debut, and the designer continues to stretch the boundaries and comes up with great, yet simple designs for tees and fitted caps.

Benny Gold SF

We’ll kick things off with what everyone’s been waiting for, and calling about… Benny Gold Fitteds.  We have BG Pinstripes fitted New Eras in Raiders Colors (Black/White), and Marlins Colors (Teal/White)

Benny Gold Pinstripes Raiders New Era Benny Gold Pinstripes Raiders New Era Benny Gold Pinstripes Raiders New Era Benny Gold Pinstripes Raiders New Era

Benny Gold Pinstripes Marlins New Era Benny Gold Pinstripes Marlins New Era Benny Gold Pinstripes Marlins New Era Benny Gold Pinstripes Marlins New Era

Matching Broken Pinstripes Tees in Raiders & Marlins colorways:
Benny Gold Pinstripes Shirt Benny Gold Pinstripes Shirt Detail Benny Gold Pinstripes Shirt Benny Gold Pinstripes Shirt Detail

T-Shirt offerings include (L to R) Go For Gold in Athletic Grey, Gangster BG in Black, and a collaboration between Benny Gold and Girl Skateboard Art Director, Andy Jenkins in Purple.

Benny Gold Go For Gold Tee Benny Gold Go For Gold Detail Benny Gold Gangster BG Tee Front Benny Gold Gangster BG Tee Back

Benny Gold x Andy Jenkins Tee Benny Gold x Andy Jenkins Detail

Phone orders will be accepted between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. on Tuesday, June 3rd.  In Store @ MAJOR now!!!

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