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Location 12: #dc #hufscavengerhunt Yesterday, our final location was compromised by the authorities, so we are doing the final sock at another location. It’s closer than you think. In order to get it, you have to point at the sock location & find a bearded man and say “Happy 4.20” to him. The sock is yours and tag us @hufworldwide #hufscavengerhunt & @majordc.

Location 11: #dc #hufscavengerhunt - The Day is not over! Find the next pair behind George’s head. Take a pic & tag us @hufworldwide #hufscavengerhunt and @majordc.

Location 10: #dc #hufscavengerhunt Another popular old skate spot until the establishment (WUSA & AU) started cracking down on skaters. Find the socks & they’re yours. Make sure you post @hufworldwide #hufscavengerhunt & @majordc.

Location 9: #dc #hufscavengerhunt Georgetown is where we call home. Look up to see where this pair is. When found, post it on IG w/ @hufworldwide , #hufscavengerhunt & @majordc.

Location 8: #dc #hufscavengerhunt Another one of the city’s many circles. You will recognize the surroundings & the statue. Find the socks & tag @hufworldwide #hufscavengerhunt and @majordc. Let’s go!

Location 7 - #DC #hufscavengerhunt One of many circles in DC. It’s one of two nearest circles to our shop. Find it & tag @hufworldwide #hufscavengerhunt & @majordc.

Location 6: if you skate & you’re from DC, you know where this is! Find the socks and it’s yours! Tag @hufworldwide @majordc #hufscavengerhunt!

Location 4: #hufscavengerhunt Somewhere near Eastern Market! If found, it’s yours - tag @hufworldwide @majordc #hufscavengerhunt

Location 3 of the #hufscavengerhunt: self-explanatory. Tag @hufworldwide @majordc #hufscavengerhunt when you find it.

First location clue for #hufscavengerhunt brought to you by @hufworldwide & @majordc. This is often the first place you come to in DC, if you travel by land. Find the hidden socks & post it on your IG w/ @hufworldwide #hufscavengerhunt & @majordc. Good luck!

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