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December 2011

The journey to crafting a perfect award jacket started many years ago for our brand.  First we had to find the right manufacturer.  We wanted the best quality wool, the best quality leather, and the craftsmanship had to be second to none.  We also wanted to make sure that our first jacket was made right here in the USA, and not anywhere else. Once we found that right factory, we had to go to work to create a timeless piece that all of us would be proud to rock as we celebrate 5 years in business.  Through many changes, we were satisfied with the quality and style of the patches and embroidery that we will use for this jacket, much like the creative process we go through to design a fitted.  So after over a year of development, we are proud to present for the first time ever, MAJOR Victory Jacket by Dehen1920, and the lookbook, shot by the incomparable @George88

We started off with the top quality black 100% melton wool outer shell, sourced from Pendleton by Dehen.  We added 100% virgin wool trim, featuring white lines on the cuffs and waist, and true black on the neck collar for better wear.  The sleeves are made of 100% genuine cowhide, and the entire jacket is lined with satin for extra warmth, and ease of wear.  The end of left sleeve features the classic Bullets style MAJOR logo in white embroidery… Which you will start seeing more of.

Perhaps the most important detail on the Victory Jacket is the Trinity Chenille patch on the left chest.  Using the old school tackle twill method, this is a triple layer chain stitched chenille block letter.  You will not find quality like this in an imported item.

But wearing is believing, and on the right sleeve, we included the MAJOR Crest patch, inspired by George Washington’s family crest.  The detail on this patch is simply unbelievable, and the way it’s sewn onto the sleeve? You will think that it’s a part of the sleeve!

Due to our temporary closure of the showroom, the jacket will not be sold at the store.  We will announce the availability and release information via twitter.

Thanks for your support of the MAJOR brand, and the store!


Our latest project involves something that’s deeper than design, style,
art, or commerce.  When Jeff Staple from the Staple Design approached us
about Truth1585 campaign, we were excited to be involved in such an
educational project that can actually help people.

By MAJOR for truth1585

It’s been 20 days since the building collapse next door at 1424 Wisconsin Ave. NW, and we have not had much progress in getting our building safe enough to operate with customers and employees. We definitely appreciate all the encouraging and kind e-mails, tweets, and messages from all of our customers, and we are trying to rally up everyone from the city government to local politicians to help us get to the bottom of this matter. For those that have been wondering why we had to close, or have seen the front of the store, and wondered how bad the devastation was, we are able to show you for the first time the magnitude of the collapse.

Our showroom is on the left of the collapsed building, and our storage/office was on the right of the building. So when the collapse happened, it affected our entire operation, and shut us down for an extended period of time.

With no fire escape on the store building, and half of our inventory lost in the rubble on the right, it’s been very tough 20 days for us at MAJOR.
We didn’t want our customers to think that we are not trying our hardest to get re-open, so we wanted everyone to understand the magnitude of the loss, and how devastating it is to know that some of the lost items include items that everyone was waiting on for our Black Friday launch and beyond.

But please believe that The Only Store That Matters will come back as soon as we are able, and we will bring the best from all over the world, right here to our home in the Nation’s Capital!

Thanks for being a part of the MAJOR family!

MAJOR Victory Jacket coming soon! #MadeInTheUSA (Taken with instagram)

Coming Soon! The Only Letterman Jacket That Matters! (Taken with instagram)

Shouts out to our fam @DJMars404! Release info coming soon! (Taken with instagram)

Coming Soon! DJ Mars x MAJOR “Where Are You Running To Next?” by New Era (Taken with instagram)